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I am working with the Holistic Principles that guide us in our process of search for fundamental, holistic health and healing.The Holistic Paradigm sets the basic direction for Holistic Psychology and provides form and substance.


  1. Wholeness – I am a whole person, one body-mind-spirit, existing in dynamic relationship to others, to my family, social and cultural context and to my physical environment.

  2. Uniqueness – My unique way of being is the key to my authenticity, my transformation and my healing.

  3. Causality/Meaning – I attain true healing and freedom from disease by discovering the sources of illness and by changing the patterns of body, mind and spirit which produce it.

  4. Empowerment/Responsibility – I have the power to overcome illness and difficulties of every kind, and to realize higher levels of potential. I accept responsibility for my health and for my life.

  5. Working With Nature – I support my healings with methods that are natural, non-toxic and non-invasive.

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