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Taming your mind is like riding a wild horse.


There is a Zen story about a rider sitting on a horse galloping wildly through the

woods. Suddenly, he finds himself at a crossroads.

“Where are you going?” a stranger calls out to him.

“I don’t know”, he yells back. “Ask the horse!”


The horse in this story metaphorically represents your mind, and the rider represents you.

An untrained mind sometimes behaves like the untamed instincts of a wild horse.

If we learn to ride this undisciplined energy without force, fear, or frustration but with skills of reassurance, guidance, and gentleness, rider and horse can travel in harmony, each taking charge in a confidential partnership. In training your mind (horse) to do things differently, you can start to step out of the struggle. It starts with being conscious of the patterns that lead to your suffering, frustration, and disharmony. Life becomes less like a rodeo western struggle, but like an Olympic discipline of high-quality showjumping. Many obstacles are taken with grace, fluidity, harmony, inner stillness, and awareness.

The Idea

  • Our Multidimensional Nature

We are unitary yet multidimensional beings, with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, manifesting in a physical, social and cultural context.

  • Connection with the Spirit

Our power of thought, concentration, and consciousness allow us to go beyond material awareness and experience transcendent levels of reality.

  • The Flow of Manifestation

We all create things in the world. It is also our own Self that we create. All manifestations begin with a thought. Thought can generate any condition – misery or bliss, love or hate, health or illness. Thought determines the form and nature of any object. Energy flows where attention goes. All health and healing methods rely on the flow of life force (energy). Life force as the essence of health and healing can flow freely when all obstacles are removed physically, mentally, and emotionally. Its flow is enhanced by conscious awareness and willpower. Thus, health is not a matter of tissues and organs but reflects the functioning of the whole person in context. True health means that energy flows freely through all aspects of our being, and we freely exchange this energy with the world around us.

When this flow is blocked or impaired, we experience powerlessness, depression, despair, emotional instability, mental imbalance, and we succumb to physical disease.

  • The Objective

Holistic Psychology emphasizes the fluid nature of man's existence and how his conditions may vary from moment to moment; therefore man must accept change throughout his life. He is subject to the law of permanent transformation. With Holistic Psychology, our needs are addressed more appropriately and more fully based on a complete understanding of human nature. The Holistic Paradigm leads us to a deep understanding of ourselves, reframes the terms of our existence, and helps us to understand our multidimensional facets. It has four aspects:

The Physical Body

The Energy Body

The Thought/Mind

The Spirit/Soul

Transformational Processes and Techniques guide us step by step to personal fulfillment and unfoldment.


  • My Commitment

My commitment is to assist you in reaching your potential by focusing on your personal domains of life. This enables you to change what you have or want to change in your situation. Through holistic psychological insight, I lead you to train and transfer these insights into your life strategies in order to achieve your personal goals. The purpose of my work is to inspire and accompany you holistically during a time of your life when a change or transformation is needed.

Treat a human being as he appears to be, and you make him even worse,

but treat a man as if he were what he potentially could be

and you make him what he should be.

George Bernard Shaw

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